League of Legends players suffer locked out spells; Riot pledge fix in next patch

League of Legends

Timing is everything in League of Legends. It’s the sort of game where not being able to mind your Ws and Qs can lose you a game.

That’s the complaint of a frustrated summoner, who found himself locked out of one of his abilities during a team builder match and discovered threads full of fellow players with similar problems. Thankfully, Riot have already worked out a fix – which they plan to pack into their next update.

The developers confirmed that they’d found and fixed a bug that affects Varus, Sion, Vel’koz and Vi – one of our recommended League of Legends champions for beginners – in particular.

The four characters have sometimes seen their channeled spells permanently locked out – rendering the abilities unusable for the duration of a game. Not ideal in the fast-moving, competitive world of lane-scuffling, obvs.

That’ll be sorted in patch 4.21, due to be deployed tomorrow December 10 at 5am GMT on EUW, and 3am PST on NA. But there’s a worry that there might be more than one guilty glitch-party here.

“Fingers crossed there’s only one cause of that problem,” wrote lead champion designer Andrei ‘Meddler’ van Roon. “It’s possible there are additional bugs however so if you see this again after patch 4.21 goes out please do let us know.”

Have you had a match bollocksed up by anything like this in the past?