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League of Legends gets positional ranks next season

league of legends positional ranks

Riot have some big changes in mind for ranked play in League of Legends, and they’ve plotted an early course for what shape those changes will take in the next season. Those changes are partly developed with the introduction of the competitive Clash mode in mind, and are certainly set to shake up the flow of ranked progress.

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First, they want to provide clearer feedback on placement. Starting next season, you’ll get a provisional rank after your first ranked game of the season, which will serve as a floor for your starting rank. Over the next nine placement games, you’ll earn accelerated LP and be protected from LP losses, with your final rank unlocking and appearing on your profile after game ten.

Next year will also begin providing unique ranks for each position you play. Positional ranking will determine your matches based on five different ranks when you’re in solo queue, giving you fairer matches based on your skill at specific positions.

Two new tiers will be added, and each individual tier will be reduced to four divisions, all in an effort to smooth out the difficulty curve and reduce the wide skill gap seen at certain tiers. It also means you’re ranking up more often, which Riot hope will add to positive feedback as you play.

Seasons will also now be broken down into three splits. You’ll still maintain your rank throughout the entire season, but each split will offer more opportunities for progress and new rewards.

These changes won’t go live until next season, but Riot want to collect feedback on everything ahead of the full implementation, with more specifics coming closer to the end of the season. “Some tests with positional MMR in Normal Draft” are coming before that, so stay tuned for further details.