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League of Legends reveals details on Aurelion Sol, its star forging new champion

League of Legends

Following last week’s reveal, Riot Games have just released a bunch of details on how exactly League of Legends’ new space dragon champion will play.

Will Aurelion one day make it onto our prestigious list of the best League of Legends champions?

Aurelion is a medium range mage who uses his orbiting stars to deal massive area-of-effect damage, them constantly circling him like a fiery shield of death. He can also take to the skies and fly across the battlefield to cover ground, blast a group of enemies with the core of a star and send out a devastating beam of light to damage a column of enemies.

It’s the Star Forger’s passive ability – those three orbiting stars – that set him apart from the rest of the champions, as that’s where he deals the most damage. To take full advantage of him, you’ll need to keep your mind on positioning.

His main weakness will be when the enemy jungler gets up in his grill, as it’s at this range when he’s not protected by those orbiting balls of fire. In this situation, his only real option is to stun them with Starsurge and retreat. Of course, you can just fly into another lane.

There are a bunch more details and video examples over on the official page.