League of Legend's coolest skin theme expands to Ashe, Ekko and Katarina with PROJECT: DISRUPTION | PCGamesN

League of Legend's coolest skin theme expands to Ashe, Ekko and Katarina with PROJECT: DISRUPTION

League of Legends Project Disruption

Update August 1, 2016: A new trailer has been released showing the snazzy robotic skins in action. 

The new skins seem to be all about glowing blades, dramatic poses and flowing hair. Get a load of those neon weapons though. Phwoar, right? 

Of the League of Legends champions out there, which would look best in robot form?

As well as the new trailer, there's a really swish section of the website that's now live, letting you get a closer look at the skins. The trailer is below:

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Original Story July 12, 2016: The League of Legends PROJECT skins are some of the coolest Riot has ever done so they're making the highly correct decision to do more. The new phase is called PROJECT: DISRUPTION and will feature three new skins for Ashe, Ekko and Katarina.

As with the previous iteration, there's a teaser site featuring mysterious imagery, likely ahead of a full reveal when the 6.15 PBE comes up tomorrow. Debate raged as to the champions that would be involved until a gif was posted on the official League of Legends Facebook page a few hours ago, confirming who would be getting the upgrades:

Meanwhile on the teaser site, various words can be typed in for basic concept art previews. These were initially serving as tasters for people to guess at the identities of, but now it's mostly just exceptionally pretty. 'Ambition', 'Unity' and 'Freedom' will get you the three new characters, while other words, as detailed by Surrender @ 20, reveals the ones already available.

We'll likely see these skins on the next PBE, due to go up tonight or tomorrow - we'll have our full rundown as usual. Look forward to the splash art, the last lot are still serving as my desktop wallpapers at home.

For details on that, scroll down to page two for our post about the original batch in September of last year.

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Jockie avatarBen Barrett avatar
Jockie Avatar
2 Years ago

"While Yi does have a large number of skins he's also one of League's oldest champions, so many of them heil from a time before..." I think that's what's known as a Fuhrerian slip. It's like a Freudian slip, but much much worse.

Ben Barrett Avatar
2 Years ago

whoops. Mostly a case of fat fingers and stupid brain, I assure you.