League of Legends’ K/DA has come to Beat Saber

League of Legends

League of Legends’ KPOP-style crossover has cometo VR. The Pop/Stars video was released earlier this year to celebrate Worlds 2018 and promote new cosmetic items for four of the characters from Riot’s MOBA, but the song itself is now playable in virtual reality title Beat Saber.

Beat Saber is a VR rhythm game in which blocks fly towards the player, matching the beat (surprise, surprise) of the song playing in the background. While Guitar Hero might have seen players shred on their six-string, however, Beat Saber places one red and one blue lightsaber in each of your hands, which you use to chop up each block as it reaches you.

Pop/Stars is now available in the game as a free download. While the League of Legends universe has a relatively rich musical history (ranging from its heavy metal band, Mortal Reminder, all the way to marksman Varus’ origin song, titled As We Fall), Pop/Stars will mark the first time that one of the game’s songs has officially made its way to a rhythm game.

The song has received its own custom map within the game, and also comes with a special Expert+ difficulty level. The video features champions Akali, Ahri, Kai’Sa, and Evelynn, and its success means I expect we’ll see other characters added to the group in the not too distant future – personally, I reckon Vayne would be a strong candidate.

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You can check out the Pop/Stars video in the embed above. Elsewhere in League of Legends, patch 9.1 threatens to shake up the professional meta with a suite of balance changes, particularly those aimed at Ornn.