New League of Legends Champion gaming chairs include Akali, Ahri, Yasuo, KDA styles

Some of Ionia's greatest Champs and the LoL group KD/A get some snazzy new gaming chairs

If you’re a League of Legends fan and also in the market for something new to park your backside on while you dig into all of the biggest and best PC games around, you are in luck. Gaming chair company Secret Lab has just announced a brand-new collaboration with LoL developer Riot Games, which means four new styles themed around three of the best League of Legends Champions, and one of the MOBA game’s biggest tie-in bands, K/DA.

“Immerse yourself in League of Legends with the world’s first official League of Legends Champions Collection, part of a new creative collaboration between Secret Lab and Riot Games,” an announcement on Twitter says. As you can see in the clip below, three of Ionia’s greatest Champs have got their own styles reflected, with themed chairs for Akali, Ahri, and Yasuo.

Yasuo’s reflects his combat style, with a katana featured on the chair, as well as a stylised clouds motif on the back, while Ahri’s incorporates The Nine-Tailed Fox’s, well, nine tailed-fox. You can see a circular fox emblem on the backrest and some of its tails swirling round on to the chair’s back.

Akali’s version, similarly, draws on The Rogue Assassin’s combat style and theme, with her dual weapons and a fire-breathing dragon with a green, black, and white colour scheme portrayed. Last up, K/DA’s gaming chair reflects the LoL tie-in group – which debuted with the tune ‘Pop/Stars’ back in 2018 and an in-game lineup of Ahri, Akali, Kai’Sa, and Evelynn – with the band’s logo, a purple, gold, and black colour scheme, and dragon motif on the back. Take a look:

As reflected on the Secret Lab site, the chairs come in two different sizes (the small/medium ‘Omega’ and large ‘Titan’) and are available for pre-order. The direct pricing of the each of the Omega size chairs is listed as £329 / $389, and £379 / $429 for the Titan size versions.

If you’re a League fan, do be sure to take a look at the upcoming changes headed to the live game with our LoL patch 10.18 notes. There wasn’t a LoL patch 10.17, in case you were wondering, as Riot’s taking “a week off” and skipping it, but there are already some goodies up to eyeball on the PBE, which will hit the game later this month.