League of Legends champion Pantheon to get Jungle micropatch tonight

The champion will have two techniques altered for Jungle play

A new League of Legends patch is going live tonight for Pantheon that will strengthen the champion’s performance in the Jungle. Lead gameplay designer Mark Yetter has announced that the damage reduction on Pantheon’s Comet Spear and Aegis Assault techniques in the Jungle will be tweaked, Aegis Assault going from 33% to 15% and Comet Spear’s reduction is being removed entirely.

The micropatch follows League of Legends patch 9.17 going live on the PBE last week. Yetter revealed the details of the fix on Twitter, stating that “Pantheon Jungle is looking weak” and that the team are prepping the micropatch for deployment tonight. He didn’t give any specific time, but expect comments to start rolling in on r/leagueoflegends and elsewhere when it drops.

The response from the community has been mostly positive, many praising the choice as one that helps Pantheon on a path towards increased usage.

The biggest, and most obvious criticisms are that his third technique and poor performance in other lanes remain unaltered. Pantheon’s Shield Vault move and generally tepid playing in Top and Middle still need looking at, but it’s a start.

Currently standing at a sub 25% approval rating on League of Graphs, the champion needed the morale boost. Statistics accumulator op.gg has a breakdown of Pantheon’s win-rates at around 25% in Jungle and Middle and just above 40% on Top, so pretty bleak generally.

With any luck, Jungle should see a spike in the near future, and the others not far behind it.