League of Legends patch 10.23 notes – Preseason! Victorious Lucian, Battlecast, Resistance skins

League of Legends patch 10.23 sees continued Preseason testing on the PBE, as well as some shiny new Champion skins

Update – November 11, 2020: LoL patch 10.23 has headed to the live game! Check out the League of Legends patch 10.24 notes to see what’s on the way next.

We’re almost there, League of Legends fans. The end of 2020 is in sight. LoL patch 10.22 has done its round on the MOBA game’s testing grounds and its follow-up has now landed on the PBE ready for its own fortnight of tinkering. With just a few more patches to come before the year is out, here’s LoL patch 10.23 – let’s take a peek at what’s inside.

If you’ve been following the multiplayer game’s dev updates and patch notes, you’ll know there’s been an extended period of Preseason 2021 testing on the PBE over the past few weeks. That’s continuing over this update’s testing cycle, too, which means there will be two different sets of balance changes to check out in the notes below – Preseason changes and those specific to patch 10.23 itself. We’ve split these out into their own sections to make them easy to digest, because we’re super helpful and lovely like that.

If you want to catch up on the full breakdown of how this Preseason testing works, you can head to the previous LoL patch 10.22 notes to find out what’s what. For now, let’s see what’s on the way with patch 10.23.

First up, we’ve got some shiny new Champion skins on the way: Victorious Lucian (which was recently unveiled alongside the 2020 LoL Ranked Rewards), as well as Battlecast skins for Zac and Nasus, and Resistance styles for Jayce, Singed, and Yorick. Sweet. Check these out in the Champion skins section below.

In the way of balance changes, as is often the case when a new patch hits the PBE, there aren’t many up for patch 10.23 specifically just yet – but keep checking back on these notes as some will very likely appear in the coming days. And, you’ve got all those Preseason Champion changes to delve into in the meantime, of course. Plus, lead gameplay designer Mark Yetter has confirmed “monster patch notes will be coming next week” – so stay tuned.

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So, without further ado, let’s dive in! Here are the tentative League of Legends patch 10.23 notes (thanks, Surrenderat20!):


As reflected in the 2020 League of Legends patch schedule, LoL patch 10.23 is due to go live on Wednesday, November 11, 2020. Maintenance times have now been confirmed, and will begin at 03:00 PT for NA servers, 05:00 GMT for EUW servers, and 03:00 CET for EUNE servers, and last for approximately three hours.

League of Legends Patch 10.23 Balance Changes

Patch 10.23 Champion Changes

Amumu – nerfed

Base armour decreased to 30 from 33
HP per level decreased to 80 from 84

Brand – nerfed

Conflagration (E):
Cooldown increased to 12/11/10/9/8 seconds from 10/9/8/7/6 seconds

Seraphine – changed

Mana regeneration decreased to 8 from 10
Stage Presence (Passive):
Ratio of Notes changed to 6/7/8/9% AP (at levels 1/6/11/16) from a flat 7.5% AP
High Note (Q):
Damage dealt increased to [55/70/85/100/115 (+40/45/50/55/60% AP)] from [55/65/75/85/95 (+55% AP)]
Beat Drop (E):
Damage dealt decreased to 60/80/100/120/140 from 60/85/110/135/160
Removed! Minions are no longer dealt reduced damage by this ability (where it was 60/70/80/90/100% before, according to rank)

League of Legends Preseason Balance Changes


Here’s a peek at the Preseason preview, as posted by lead gameplay designer Mark Yetter on Twitter (with “monster patch notes” to follow next week):

Preseason Champion Changes

MANA POOL CHANGES (as detailed by Riot previously here)


Akali – buffed

Five Point Strike (Q):
Energy Cost decreased to 120/110/100/90/80 from 120/115/110/105/100

Amumu – changed

Mana decreased to 285 from 287.2
Mana per level increased to 60 from 40
Base health amount increased to 615 from 613.12

Cho’Gath – changed

Mana decreased to 270 from 272.2
Mana per level increased to 60 from 40
Mana regeneration decreased to 7.2 from 7.206

Corki – changed

Base mana decreased to 350 from 350.16
Mana per level increased to 54 from 34

Evelynn – changed

Base mana decreased to 315 from 316.6
MP5 increased to 8.11 from 8.108

Gangplank – changed

Base mana decreased to 280 from 282
Mana per level increased to 60 from 40

Kassadin – buffed

Mana increased to 400 from 397.6
Mana per level increased to 87 from 67

Malphite – changed

Base level health increased to 575 from 574.2
Mana decreased to 280 from 282.2
Mana per level increased to 60 from 40

Nidalee – changed

Base mana decreased to 295 from 295.6

Olaf – changed

MP5 decreased to 7.465 from 7.466

Skarner – changed

Mana per level increased to 60 from 40
MP5 decreased to 7.2 from 7.206

Sylas – buffed

Base mana increased to 350 from 280

Warwick – nerfed

MP5 decreased to 7.465 from 7.466

The following Champions have had their Mana per level adjusted up by 20 each, as the studio explains on Twitter. This means the new values are as follows:

  • Anivia – was 25, now 45
  • Camille – was 32, now 52
  • Cassiopeia – was 40, now 60
  • Darius – was 37.5, now 57.5
  • Ekko – was 50, now 70
  • Ezreal – was 50, now 70
  • Fiora – was 40, now 60
  • Fizz – was 37, now 57
  • Hecarim – was 40, now 60
  • Irelia – was 30 , now 50
  • Jax – was 32, now 52
  • Nasus – was 42, now 62
  • Ornn, was 45, now 65
  • Ryze – was 50, now 70
  • Twisted Fate – was 19, now 29
  • Udyr – was 30, now 50
  • Vi – was 45, now 65
  • Volibear – was 50, now 70
  • Wukong – was 45, now 65
  • Xin Zhao – was 35, now 75
  • Yorick – was 40, now 60
  • Zilean – was 30, now 45


CHAMPION-SPECIFIC CHANGES (as detailed by Riot previously herehere, and here)

Caitlyn – nerfed

Headshot (Passive):
Crit chance now grants 25% less bonus damage to headshots

Jhin – changed

Whisper (Passive):
Damage reduction from crit changed to [14% (150% damage crits)] from [25% (150% damage crits)]
Crit chance Bonus AD decreased to [3% AD per 10% crit] from [4% AD per 10% crit]

Katarina – changed

Voracity (Passive):
This ability “now applies on-hit effects to all units struck”
Shunpo (E):
This ability now deals on-hit effects
Death Lotus (R):
“Split damage into (Base + AP ratio) Magic damage, and (AD + Attack speed ratio) physical damage.”
This “now applies on-hit effects at 25% efficiency to all units struck (each unit is hit for a total of 3 x Kat’s on-hits over the full 2.5 seconds channel duration)”.

Kayle – changed

Divine Ascent (Passive):
Per stack attack speed changed to [30% + 10% per 100 AP at 5 stacks] from [6% (30% at 5 stacks)]

Ornn – changed

Living Forge (Passive):
“Now every time he upgrades any mythic to a masterwork his passive Armor/MR amp increases by 5% (10% without upgrades, same as live)”
New! All sources now grant Ornn an additional 10% health
New! This value now increases “by 4% of these bonus stats per Mythic item Ornn upgrades into a masterwork”

Senna – changed

Attack speed ratio increased to 0.32 from 0.2
Attack speed per level decreased to 2.5% from 4%
Absolution (Passive):
Crit damage reduction decreased to [14% (150% damage crits)] from [35% (130% damage crits)]
Per 20 souls crit chance decreased to 10% from 15%
Conversion of excess crit to lifesteal changed to 20% (+3% per 100 AP) from a flat 20%
Dawning Shadow (R):
Damage AP ratio increased to 80% from 50%
Curse of the Black Mist (E):
Senna’s movespeed has changed to 20% (+3% per 100 AP) from a flat 20%

Tryndamere – changed

Battle Fury (Passive):
“Crit chance per point of fury” changed to 0.3-0.6 from 0.35-0.5

Viktor – changed

Glorious Evolution (Passive):
Removed! Viktor doesn’t now start with Hexcore in his inventory, and he can’t purchase upgrades
New! “can upgrade his Basic Abilities after gaining 100 Hex Fragments. He Gains 1 from kills on minions and 5 from large minions. He also gains 25 on champion takedowns. Once all three Basic Abilities have been upgraded, Chaos Storm is upgraded automatically.”
Death Ray (E):
Laser AP ratio increased to 70% from 60%
Aftershock AP ratio increased to 80% from 70%
Gravity Field (W):
Ability’s slow effect increased to 30/33/37/40/45% from 30/34/38/42/45%
Chaos Storm (R):
Storm’s minimum speed increased to 225 from 200

Volibear – changed

Mana per level increased to 70 from 50
The Relentless Storm (Passive):
Attack speed has now got a 4% per 100 AP ratio per stack
Sky Splitter (E):
The damage cap against non-Champs has changed to [150/300/450/600/750] from [150/250/350/450/550]

Yasuo – changed

Way of the Wanderer (Passive):
Chance of a critical strike over 100% now becomes converted into Bonus AD

Yone – changed

Way of the Hunter (Passive):
Chance of a critical strike over 100% now becomes converted into Bonus AD

Preseason Item Changes

The full list of Preseason item changes is colossal, so here are some handy links to Riot’s dev posts explaining what’s what, plus here’s a breakdown of the item system overhaul posted by Riot in September:

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Additionally, a whole bunch of items, icons, and other Preseason store goodies are now on the PBE for testing, and you can get a good look at how they appear in-game on Surrenderat20 right here.

Preseason Rune Changes


Cooldown Reduction
Runes’ CDR stats have been changed to “+8 Ability Haste” in the game

Ravenous Hunter (D4)

Effect changed!
“Omnivamp: 1% + 2% per Bounty Hunter stack.
Bounty Hunter stacks are earned the first time you get a takedown on each enemy Champion.
Omnivamp is only 33% effective when dealing area of effect damage or damage through pets.”

Ingenious Hunter (D4):

Effect changed!
“Gain 10 Item Haste plus an additional 5 Item Haste per Bounty Hunter stack (includes Trinkets).
Bounty Hunter stacks are earned the first time you get a takedown on each enemy champion.
Item Haste affects all items with cooldowns.”

Conqueror (Precision Keystone)

Adaptive Force per stack increased to 2-5 from 1.7-4.2
Heal effect decreased to 9% from 15%
Ranged heal effect decreased to 6% from 8%

Presence of Mind (P2)

New effect!
“Damaging an enemy Champion increases your mana regeneration by 1.5-11 (80% for ranged) mana per second for 4 seconds. All energy users gain 1.5 energy per second, instead.
Takedowns restore 15% of your maximum mana or energy.”

Legends: Bloodline (P3)

Max stacks decreased to 15 from 20

Transcendence (S3):

New effect!
“Gain bonuses upon reaching the following levels:
Level 5: +5 Ability Haste
Level 8: +5 Ability Haste
Level 11: On Champion takedown, reduce the remaining cooldown of basic abilities by 20%.”

Cosmic Insight (I4)

Effects changed:
“+15 Summoner Spell Haste
+10 Item Haste”

Time Warp Tonic (I4)

Effect changed:
“Consuming a potion or biscuit grants 50% of its health or mana restoration immediately. In addition, gain 5% Movement Speed while under their effects.”


New Champion Skins

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Here’s the VICTORIOUS LUCIAN splash art:


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Here’s the BATTLECAST NASUS splash art:


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Here’s the BATTLECAST ZAC splash art:


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Here’s the RESISTANCE JAYCE splash art:


YouTube Thumbnail

Here’s the RESISTANCE SINGED splash art:


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Here’s the RESISTANCE YORICK splash art:

That’s about it for the tentative League of Legends patch 10.23 notes and Preseason 2021 changes for now, but do keep checking back on this page over the next fortnight as we’ll be updating it to reflect what’s up for testing on the PBE over that time. Assuming you want to keep up with all the latest changes on the way, that is? Of course you do.

Also make sure you go catch up on the LoL patch 10.22 notes if you want to stay up-to-date on what’s hit, or about to hit, the live game right now. Plus, we have a LoL tier list which is packed with all you need to know about the best League of Legends Champions to play in each role if you’re on the lookout for some tips.