League of Legends’ metal band Pentakill is making a comeback

Looks like another Pentakill album is on the way

Remember Pentakill? The League of Legends band that saw some of the best League of Legends Champions (and the very talented real-life musicians behind them) grace the MOBA with two awesome metal albums a few years ago? It looks like they’re making comeback, and soon.

As spotted by our sister site The Loadout, metal musician Tre Watson seems to have confirmed Pentakill’s returning in a now-deleted tweet. Captured on Imgur (via Reddit user Satchmomarsalis), the tweet reads: “Well, now that it’s my start date I can officially say it! I am working with Riot Games on Pentakill 3. And for you who know me, yes, it will Djent. Hope you guys are hype! Wish me luck!” Further to this, it seems it’s confirmed by the Riot Games Careers Twitter channel, which has replied to the now-deleted post with: “Welcome to the team!”

This follows a series of Reddit posts by Riot creative director Christian Linke from early March, in which he discussed Pentakill’s comeback. In one, he says: “I meaaan yeah, we are definitely gonna do another album of sorts. Question is when. Everyone’s excited about getting back into it though,” confirming a Pentakill return is on the cards.

Given Tre Watson’s new tweet, it seems the return could be coming up pretty soon, though it’s not clear when the metal band’s third album is due to drop just yet.

Pentakill 3 is in the works! from leagueoflegends

Pentakill was formed in 2014 and made up in-game of LoL Champs Olaf, Mordekaiser, Yorick, Sona, Kayle, and Karthus, each of whom got some amazing metal-themed skins. The band dropped two albums, the last of which launched in 2017, and Watson has previously performed a metal cover of Giants, 2019’s LoL Worlds tune by virtual hip-hop band True Damage.

CaptainFlowers and I did a Metal Cover of Giants! The Rap God of the LCS Debuts in a Metal Song! from leagueoflegends

Now it seems certain Pentakill’s coming back, the main question LoL fans will be wondering is whether it’ll feature the original (virtual) lineup, or whether some of the other Champs will get a go in the band this time around? Guess we’ll have to wait and see what Riot’s got in store.

In the meantime, LeBlanc, Morgana, and Zyra have got some amazing new Coven skins in LoL patch 10.8, which has hit the PBE for testing – be sure to take a look. We also have a handy LoL tier list if you’re keen to see which Champs are the best pick for each role in the live game right now.