Here’s how Riot decides which League of Legends champions get Worlds skins

SSG team splash

Cast your mind back to November 2017, and you may remember Faker’s tears as three-time world champions SKT T1 were beaten in the final of the League of Legends World championships. Thwarting SKT at the final hurdle was Samsung Galaxy, who lifted the Summoner’s Cup after a resounding 3-0 win. Now, as is tradition, a set of skins celebrating the team’s win are making their way to the game.

As League of Legends’s competitive scene continues to change, so does the way in which teams perform on the World stage. With that in mind, Riot has been tweaking the way in which it decides on who gets a skin in the wake of a victory.

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In a recent Ask Riot thread, product manager Riot Supercakes said that “over the last year, we’ve evolved and updated our approach to selecting the skins we make to celebrate the team and players who win Worlds. As teams continue to experiment with their rosters, we’ve had to reevaluate our criteria for the skins.”

Only six players on a winning team will be considered for a skin. In order to earn a new cosmetic, a player has to have had an impact on a team’s progression out of the group or play-in stages, or has to have participated in at least one knockout game.

But, even if you win, you don’t get free reign over which champion gets a skin. According to Supercakes, “the player must have played” their chosen champion “at least once during Worlds,” even if they only played them once. However, “if the winning team already has a skin for that champion from a previous win, we might ask for another option.” Coaches aren’t eligible for skins, but if a single coach wins three different championships “they will be considered for in-game content.”

The SSG skins have shown up on the PBE, and you can get a closer look in our League of Legends patch 8.14 notes. All six members of SSG earned themselves an icy-themed skin said to “reflect their tastes and attitude as a team.” Taliyah, Xayah, Rakan, Gnar, Jarvan, and Ezreal all feature in the new SSG roster.