You can vote for League of Legends’ next Tristana skin

Sugar Rush, Galactic Gunner, and Little Demon Tristana are all on offer, pending a public vote

Riot Games is turning to its community to choose one of its upcoming cosmetics. Following on from a similar initiative that took place in 2017, players are now able to choose between three concepts, with the most popular choice being converted into a fully-fledged cosmetic for champion Tristana.

In a post announcing the vote, says that it’s “explored a wide range of possibilities” for the next sin, and they’ve narrowed them down into three potential choices. Sugar Rush Tristana follows in the candied footsteps of horrifying skins like Lollipoppy and Bittersweet Lulu, while Galactic Gunner Tristana bears a striking resemblance to the popular Project skin line.

The third and final option is Little Demon Tristana. Unsurprisingly, she looks pretty similar to Demon Vi, but her gun means that she also looks pretty similar to one of her own skins. As well as looking like The Piltover Enforcer’s little sister, she’s reminiscent of her Dragon Trainer skin, which could mean that this skin doesn’t prove so popular when players actually come to vote.

This isn’t the first time Riot has done something like this. A couple of years ago, players were asked to choose the next Illaoi skin, resulting in the release of Resistance Illaoi. That vote seemed a bit more final, presenting whole character models for the new cosmetic. By contrast, the Tristana skins only offer concept art for players to choose from, and Riot says that none of the names or features announced so far are final.

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If you want to vote, you can head here to do so, but you’ll need to do so by 11:59 PT on March 6 (07:59 GMT on March 7). If the votes are particularly close, Riot says that those cast by Tristana mains will carry weight, so if you want to ensure your favourite gets picked, you’d better weigh in.