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League of Legends and Wild Rift team up for a Lunar Beast festival

Snap up some Lunar New Year-themed surprises, including skins, loot, and ARURF mode

League of Legends and its mobile version, League of Legends: Wild Rift are running a cross-game event celebrating the coming of the Lunar New Year and the Year of the Ox. The festival, called the Lunar Beast Event, begins in the MOBA game today and kicks off February 4.

Here on PC, we’re concerned primarily with what’s going on in League of Legends. Lunar Beasts is set in another Year of the Ox, 2057, and it features futuristic city skylines colliding with ancient temples. You and a team of heroes will have to battle a beast of legend, which has appeared as it does each year to prevent the Lunar New Year celebration from happening.

The Lunar Beasts event is an opportunity to pick up some great kit – there are two LoL-unique skins, one each for Aphelios and Veigo, and they’re themed around the Lunar Beasts themselves. There are also new Lunar Beast skins for Darius, Jarvan IV, Annie, Alistar, and Fiora, all of which cost 1350 RP and can also be found in Wild Rift.

Riot also says the festival features the return of ARURF – the chaotic ‘All Random Ultra Rapid Fire’ mode. As usual, you’ll also be able to pick up new borders, loot, icons, and emotes by completing the Event Pass.

Here’s the trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

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