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Riot “confident” in League of Legends MMO’s progress despite concerns

We have an update on the League of Legends MMO game, as its producer departs Riot Games and the company's president outlines how the project is ticking along.

Riot "confident" in League of Legends MMO's progress despite concerns

The previously announced League of Legends-inspired upcoming MMO is still in “early development,” as a core producer on the project steps down from Riot Games after almost a decade at the LoL studio. Following this, the Riot Games president Marc ‘Tryndamere’ Merrill has provided an update on the MMO, talking about where it’s at in development.

This statement from Merrill comes after Greg Street, a producer on the upcoming League of Legends MMO, announced that he was leaving Riot (and thus the League MMO) after nine years at the company. “The MMO is in good hands and it’s the right time to hand over the reins for the next phase,” Street says. The world of the MOBA is set to get a whole lot bigger it seems.

Riot "confident" in League of Legends MMO's progress despite concerns

Very little is known about the League of Legends MMO right now, but it’ll join the likes of Ruined King, the imminent Mageseeker release date, and the free-to-play fighting game Project L as a LoL spin-off.

Now we at least have a little bit more paint on the canvas, as Riot Games president Marc Merrill explains where it is at with development, and what the team plans to do after Street’s departure.

“First, we are still in early development, but have a direction that we’re very excited about,” Merrill says. “We’re working hard to deliver an experience that you’ll love. (But it will still be a very long road to get there – thanks for being patient with us).

“We believe in this game and the team working on it. If we look at development as a race, Greg has run an amazing first leg with an incredible team, and I know whoever takes the baton next will be set up for success going forward.”

Riot’s confidence in the LoL MMO seems to have changed, as Street previously said there was “no guarantee this game will ship,” and while Merrill makes it clear that the game is still in early development, the team is still expressing confidence in the LoL MMO at this stage.

There was also no promise of the LoL MMO’s release date or a gameplay reveal, and the focus on “early development” means we’ll all have to be waiting quite a while longer to see the League of Legends spin-off in action.

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