League of Legends Monster Tamer skins aren’t as expected

League of Legends' Monster Tamer skins have failed to wow fans, who have in turn slammed Riot for not releasing the proposed Janna and Ezreal skins

league of legends lol monster tamer veigar skin splash art

The latest series of cosmetics to be added to League of Legends‘ ever expanding virtual wardrobe are the Monster Tamer skins for Lulu, Kog’Maw, and Veigar. However, fans were hoping for the Janna and Ezreal versions of the skins instead – as Riot previously suggested.

If there’s one thing that’s bound to excite League of Legends fans, it’s the prospect of new skins. With LoL’s Star Guardian event adding a swathe of colourful new cosmetics to the game, the next skin line is set to be Monster Tamer.

Transforming Kog’Maw, Lulu, and Veigar into adorable yet deadly hunters that are looking to tame the terrors that traverse Runeterra, the skins are far cry from the Star Guardians’ pastel vibes.

Unfortunately for our League of Legends’ Monster Tamers, the skins have left fans out in the cold, with many expressing disappointment that the pre-planned Ezreal and Janna skins remain absent from the current lineup.

A quick glance at the responses to Riot’s announcement tweets showcasing the skins and their splash art is pretty harrowing.

“It’s like you didn’t even try with it,” reads one scathing review, going on to state “Monster Tamer Lulu could’ve been WAY better and it could’ve been a Legendary.”

“So you remade Furyhorn Cosplay Veigar and Space Groove Lulu (even Bee’Maw) and called it a patch? No Ezreal, no Janna?” writes another.

The latter half of this tweet is where the contention lies. Back in January 2021, players were asked to vote for thematic skin lines. These included Crime City Nightmare, Debonair, and Monster Tamer, whose concept artworks featured Akali and Twisted Fate, Leona and Malzahar, and Ezreal and Janna respectively.

Of the three skin lines, Crime City Nightmare and Debonair have released with the proposed champions, but Monster Tamer doesn’t include either Ezreal or Janna.

league of legends lol monster tamer janna and ezreal skins concept art

“Did you guys cancel Ezreal and Janna?” asks one player. “How come Akali and Leona got their poll skins last year, but Janna and Ezreal didn’t? I would have LOVED this to be her legendary.”

“So you give skins to Akali, Twisted Fate, Leona, and Malzahar, but not Janna and Ezreal?!” reads a final response, accompanied by a GIF of a woman crying.

While there’s the possibility that the Ezreal and Janna skins will be released at a later date (although Riot remain tight-lipped on the matter), the Monster Tamer skins haven’t quite made the debut the devs likely thought they would have. For those who want those promised skins, inhale some hopium and cross your fingers – the Rift is unpredictable, so who knows what comes next.