Riot bury massive statue of League of Legends champion Nautilus in sea bed to act as artificial reef

Nautilus statue

What to do if you run the most popular (and financially successful) game in the entire world? Well, either you sell it to Microsoft and start buying houses out from the under the nose of Beyoncé, or you get busy building monolithic representations of your characters and coming up with reasons to immortalise them beneath the sea. Riot have chosen the latter, a community campaign in early 2015 leading to an artificial reef in the shape of Nautilus, one of League of Legends’ champions, being buried off the coast of Australia. It’s been a year-long project, but a video of the final descent has now been posted on official channels.

Here’s our guide to the best League of Legends champions for beginners, none of which have been buried under the sea.

The idea came about from Ocean Week 2015, when players from the Oceanic server were challenged to win games and earn points as various sea-themed champions – Nautilus, Fizz, other assorted fish-men and women. The points built to a total that would allow for the construction of the artificial reef, which is inscribed with the names of every player who significantly contributed to it, which numbers in the thousands. The plaques they’re written on will be washed away in time, but hopefully by then the new undersea structure will be the home of lots of little fish families.

A vote was cast as to which champion should be used and Nautilus with his rad armour, cool hook and being-a-big-hulking-badass nature was the clear winner. He’s not chilling down there just to make sure nobody ever forgets the world’s biggest MOBA, artifical reefs having a lot of environmentally friendly uses beyond standing the test of time. Nautilus will provide a feeding station for all sorts of marine life, being a natural spot for algae to collect for smaller fish, which will naturally attract their larger and more carnivorous brethren.

You can read some more about it over on the official mini-site. Which massive construction dedicated to a game character would you like to see next? The Lord of Cinder lowered into a volcano, perhaps? Or Max Payne as a phone box in downtown New York? A Guybrush Threepwood lighthouse?