League of Legends’ new champion is Gwen, and she’s a creepy living doll

Riot has lifted the veil on the Hallowed Seamstress

Riot has revealed the next champion coming to League of Legends, and the devs are going wild with the backstory this time around. Gwen, the Hallowed Seamstress, is a doll turned to human form, and while we don’t have much detail on how she’ll actually play just yet, the devs have teased how she’ll fit into the MOBA game.

“Gwen should be an interesting addition,” gameplay design director Mark Yetter says on Twitter. “A squishy AP fighter without the tools to assassinate ranged carries would be doomed, but that’s where Gwen’s unique skills come in – a pocket of Hallowed Mist protecting her for the time she needs to go toe to toe with other front liners.”

From the brief gameplay trailer, we see Gwen making use of those abilities. She can fire off magic blasts at range, and we see here making use of that aforementioned pocket when going up against enemy champs at close range. We’ll likely see a full rundown of her abilities soon.

For now, you can check out the gameplay teaser below.

YouTube Thumbnail

Or the story trailer, if lore is your thing.

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Expect Gwen to hit with the 11.8 patch cycle which, according to the 2021 patch schedule, should hit live servers on April 14. (For now, prospective Isolde fans are just gonna have to make due, I guess.)