Cringe League of Legends botlane duos will love the upcoming mode

As League of Legends undergoes a pretty significant overhaul in Season 13, the latest addition to Riot's MOBA is a two vs two mode that's perfect for botlaners.

Cringe League of Legends botlane duos will love the upcoming mode: A man with white hair and pointed fox like ears dances with a woman with black hair and pointed ears surrounded by golden magic

Are you one of those vaguely irritating League of Legends botlane duos that may or may not be in a romantic relationship IRL? Or do you just have really good mid-jungle synergy? Either way, the MOBA‘s newest mode is going to be perfect for you.

Picture the scene: a 2v2v2v2 League of Legends battle. One team’s running Xayah and Rakan like cute lovers do, while the other has Yasuo Gragas in an attempt to emulate that good old Worlds strat. There’s someone doing Lucien / Senna because Xayah and Rakan were taken, and then there’s probably a Diana in there somewhere because CC, am I right?

This is what Riot promises its newest mode will look like. In a lengthy blog post from new product lead ‘Cadmus’ on the game modes team, they outline what this wild new foray will look like – and I won’t lie, it looks like it’s going to be so much fun.

Eloquently entitled “Here’s Project Just-Kidding-We’re-Not-Giving-It-A-Codename,” they explain that the 2v2v2v2 mode sees “four teams of two pick champions and be paired against another team in several deathmatch-style rounds. Champions will progress in power over the game, gaining items, levels, and special powers called Augments in between the combat rounds. Teams are eliminated after losing enough rounds, allowing you to queue up immediately.”

A huge crater in the ground on fire as characters fly around it fighting

Sound familiar? Well, it is. It’s basically Teamfight Tactics’ ever-popular Double Up mod but, to borrow Cadmus’ phrase, “League-ified.” If you’ve never touched TFT (I did once, and it was terrifying) the post goes on to describe just what Augments do.

“Augments are significant power ups that are intended to create unique builds for champions. Champions can either index into their core strengths or flex into some new ones. The intent is to create variety in your champion’s capabilities to create cool, unique combat situations.”

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Apparently tests have included a “Sylas who casts Lissandra W every five seconds” and “a Kai’Sa who dives the enemy team, dies immediately, and then creates a huge explosion post mortem that wipes out a huge chunk of her two enemies’ remaining health.” This is going to go well, isn’t it?

As one half of one of those horribly cringe botlane duos myself, I really can’t wait to see what chaos this mode brings. URF was never really for me and ARAM is far too stressful. This, though, sounds right up my street, even if it devolves into an Overcooked-style relationship destroyer.

While the new mode is far from finalised, it’s worth checking out our LoL tier list to see if your favourite champion is a viable pick. Alternatively, it may be worth picking up some of the best League of Legends champions for beginners – they’re easy to master, after all, and now cost even less than before!