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League of Legends animated short introduces Rakan and Xayah as stylishly as possible

Rakan and Xayah LoL

Just last week, Riot revealed two new LoL Champions – Rakan and Xayah – a pair of lovers who smooched and assassinated their way onto the PBE. Well now it’s time to introduce them properly with an animated short. 

For the lowdown on League of Legends 7.7, click that link. 

As always with Riot’s animations, it’s bloody great. It shows the pair fighting their way to a big tree to get to a magical room within. I do love a big magic tree, me.

The fighting is good too. Not only does it give us a good idea of how the pair play, but it also looks amazing.

“Restoring the wild magic of Ionia won’t be easy when a deadly enemy lurks in the shadows,” says the official blurb.

It’s right, too. The guy waiting in the tree is a right git. Anyway, have a watch above. It’s good.