League of Legends ranked rewards 2022 are Sejuani, Malzahar skins

The League of Legends ranked rewards are gifted at the end of the MOBA's annual seasons, with 2022 offering some awesome new skins for Sejuani and Malzahar

League of Legends ranked rewards 2022 are Sejuani, Malzahar skins: A golden statuesque man hovers in a yoga tree pose emanating purple aura while onlookers look at it in shock

The League of Legends ranked rewards that close out the season have finally been revealed, and avid fans of Sejuani and Malzahar are in luck. You’ll be able to pick up new skins for each champion provided you’ve performed well enough in the MOBA‘s competitive mode, and behaved yourself along the way.

At the end of each League of Legends season Riot gifts a free skin to players who have managed to climb their way into gold in solo/duo ranked, or flex. This year the skin on offer is Victorious Sejuani, and boy is it beautiful.

That’s not all, though, as those who have ranked in the top tiers of the game will also unlock a new chroma for each bracket they’ve ascended. So, if you’re Master, you’ll get three chromas, Grandmaster four, and so on.

For those (like me) who aren’t quite in the top tier yet, you’ll receive a Sejuani Eternals Series 1 permeant reward, as well as an icon and banner trim that corresponds to the rank you’ve obtained in both solo/duo and flex.

If you’ve been battling your heart out in Clash, there are three tiers of reward on offer: Contender, Conqueror, and Champions. You can get an icon, logo, and banner for each different bracket, paid for using Victory Points (VP).

ranked rewards are Sejuani, Malzahar skins: A woman with a crown on sits on a throne wearing a fur lined royal coat with purple gems and gold lining

In addition to the Sejuani skin, players who end the season at Honor 5 will be gifted the Three Honors Malzahar skin and a permanent Malzahar shard.

Boosting your Honor is relatively simple: don’t be mean. If you play nicely with others you’re more likely to receive a post-game commendation, in turn upping your score. It’s nice to be nice, and given how awesome this skin looks it’s well worth setting aside the salt and keeping cool.

For those who rank just below Honor 5, you’ll be gifted:

  • Honor level 3: Honor 3 capsule, random ward skin, three key shards
  • Honor level 4: Honor 4 capsule, random ward skin, random permanent emote, three key shards
  • Honor level 5: Honor 5 capsule, random ward skin, random permanent emote, six key shards

As someone who loves positive feedback systems, the idea of having a skin specific to players who try their best not to snap mid-game makes me smile. Not only does it reward being a good player, it promotes being an all-round team player, too. – something League needs more of.

When does League of Legends Season 12 end?

League of Legends season 12 ends on November 14 2022, with all rewards being distributed within four weeks of the season closing out. New challenges will also be added in the upcoming season.

Thankfully you won’t have to break the bank to pick up either of these new cosmetics, so you don’t have to torture yourself by looking at how much you’ve spent on League of Legends (unless you want to, you sadist). Instead of doing that, you can give our League of Legends preseason 2023 rundown a glance to make sure you know what chaos to expect as we close out the year.