League of Legends Reddit devises perfect jungle vote change

League of Legends Reddit has suggested a simple change to the upcoming preaseason jungle voting system that would help with taking objectives in the MOBA

League of Legends Reddit devises perfect change to jungle voting: A man in a white suit with glowing green eyes and a bright red crownlike light above his head plays his sword like a guitar against a flaming backdrop

The League of Legends Reddit isn’t for the feint of heart, but sometimes fans of Riot’s hit MOBA take a break from flaming one another to discuss adjustments to frustrating in-game features. This time it’s the new preseason jungle voting system that’s under the microscope – and the changes suggested actually make a whole lot of sense.

There are a whole slew of jungle changes coming in the League of Legends preseason 2023 update, including new jungle pets that are reminiscent of Pokemon, as well as the long awaited (not really) return of the Chemtech dragon – it’s new and improved this time though, so don’t worry, what could possibly go wrong?

Seemingly minor in comparison to these heavy hitters is the new objective voting scheme, which allows players to gauge whether or not their team is in a position to take an objective. Ping the chemtech drake, for example, and an anonymous voting system appears, letting players opt in or out of tackling said flying lizard.

While there’s clear benefits to the feature, one player has started a discussion on the Reddit regarding the voting system’s anonymity. “Objective voting is a great feature for junglers, but it would be even better if we could see which lane voted yes.

“Imagine you launch a vote for drake during phase lane, top and mid, at base, vote yes , but botlane voted no,” they continue. “Currently you can’t tell who said yes or no, and in this example if you go for drake you’ll probably be alone despite three yes votes. It would be more efficient if you have an icon stating which role said yes or no.”

The comments section are in agreement, with the top rated response reading “there is no reason for this vote to be anonymous,” and another reply suggesting “why not just have it light up based on the role. So the first one is top, second one is jungle, third mid, etc…”

“I agree, I can imagine top laners just permanently voting yes without context,” says another, with one fan echoing “Or permanently no so that they don’t have to risk anything.”

“Knowing who is agreeing or disagreeing to objective is SUPER important,” rounds out a final fan. “I’ve had those tilted teammates who force objective and my team don’t recognise it, get caught in it and then give away objectives. But, on the flip side, knowing two clueless people in your team are voting no and your hard carry Katarina/Yuumi are voting yes definitely will allow you to make an informed decision.”

The system is very much a work in progress, but as a support main I don’t see the benefits of anonymity here for the reasons touched on above. If the wave state is right, the ADC is well fed, and the enemy jungler just ganked top lane, then the stars have aligned – so long as our own jungler is on the same page.

Thankfully there aren’t too many jungle changes coming in League of Legends patch 12.19, so there shouldn’t be too much interaction with the new preseason changes. What does accompany the new patch are the all-new Spirit Blossom skins, though, so you may want to check out how much you’ve spent on League of Legends to make sure you can afford them (yes, you can, go on).