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LoL champs Rengar and Zeri are seeing big changes in patch 12.6

League of Legends designers are buffing Rengar and nerfing Zeri - you win some, you lose some

League of Legends champion Rengar, a feline-like warrior assassin champion

LoL patch 12.6 may have just hit the PBE, but it’s already looking like good news for Rengar and bad news for Zeri. League of Legends designers Phlox and August have been sharing some upcoming changes for the duo on Twitter, along with a wee bit of decision rationale.

Buffing Rengar has proven difficult, Phlox explains, as the assassin has some “pretty awkward mechanics”, especially with his W and Passive. “I think W not flowing into any assassination combo is a definite feels bad for a lot of his builds,” the developer says. “Same with the weird ear flicks around ferocity generation. It’s very unforgiving and makes him very bush reliant (some of which is a good thing). I think for both of these mechanics there’s a better version out there, but they’re not easy to get to and the cost is high.”

Some of the biggest tweaks are coming to Rengar’s Unseen Predator move. Now, the juggler will generate one ferocity when he leaps while empty on the resource. Ferocity falloff, bone tooth forgiveness timer, and jump height have increased. Bola Strike also reveals enemies for two seconds when you land now.

Zeri, on the other hand, is being slapped with a big ol’ nerf. August says the champion is “still scary” in the carry role, so the team is working on nerfs to make her fairer. The goal is to lower her overall damage and mobility, shift damage out of base attack damage to decrease power with sheen, and shift armour scaling into health. You can check out the changes below:

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