Tyler1 thinks League of Legends should die because new developer logo is bad

Riot Games has changed its logo and some players don't like it - including streaming Tyler1, who now thinks that LoL should die

League of Legends

April 19, 2019 Streamer Tyler1 hates the new logo so much he thinks League of Legends should die now.

After 13 years, League of Legends developer Riot Games has changed its iconic logo. Players began noticing the company’s new look earlier this week, when its official Twitter accounts changed their profile pictures. A number of players are unhappy about this change, most notably streamer Tyler1 – who thinks it means “all games are dying” and that Riot should kill League of Legends.

In a statement on the company’s website, Riot said that changes in technology meant that the old logo – which was adopted when the company was founded in 2006 – was no longer fit for purpose. The new logo, which you can see at the top of this article, was created in partnership with studio co-founders Marc Merrill and Brandon Beck, as well as CEO Nicolo Laurent.

The new red-and-white take on the logo spells the end of the line for the company’s original logo. That’s been around for more than a decade, and is older than League of Legends itself. It featured a much less minimalist take on the studio’s name and iconic fist logo, as well as a red on black colour-scheme, but it would seem that some fans of the game aren’t particularly impressed by the new look.

For reference, you can check out what the old logo looked like in the image below:

Popular League of Legends streamer Tyler1 posted his own response to the new logo, which you can see below. He thinks that it means that “all games are dying” and that Riot should give up and let LoL die. “At this point, I don’t care,” he says on the stream. “Just f***ing kill League. Honestly just kill it. I’m ready for it to f***ing die. Do it dude. I’m ready. Just kill it. F*** it dude. Who approved this man? Look how basic this looks. What are they thinking?!”

A moderator post about the change on the game’s official subreddit has also been met with some displeasure by fans. All those negative comments aside, however, I think the situation is summed up most effectively by commenter TheExter, who says “I absolutely hate it, it’s terrible and I’m extremely upset about this change. It used to look better and now it’s ruined forever. I’ll forget about it next week though.”

Same old: Yasuo has been one of League of Legends’ most-banned champions for nearly two years straight.

Elsewhere in the game, the League of Legends patch 9.9 notes have arrived on the PBE, bringing some potentially important changes to Kennen and Rakan. To help keep up with the current version of the game, check out the League of Legends patch 9.8 notes, which introduced a suite of buffs and a host of new skins to the game. It’s certainly not dead yet, anyway.