Riot is building a League of Legends-shaped artificial reef off Australia’s coast

League of Legends Nautilus

Imagine diving into the warm, clean oceans off the coast of Australia, dropping down among schools of incredible fish, only to find a reef formation in the shape of League of Legends champion Nautilus. Sounds insane, but plans are in place to make this a reality. Riot are building an artificial reef to celebrate their immensely popular MOBA.

The Riot Oceania office announced the news, which comes after Ocean Week, where League of Legends players in Australia were tasked to earn 275,000 points over a week in order to win prizes. Stretch goals were set with massive rewards, one of which was a champion-themed artificial reef. It was unlocked in three days. Players could choose from Nautilus, Fizz, and Nami to be immortalised on the sea bed, and Nautilus took in the most votes.

Riot are now consulting with marine biologists and an artificial reef company to choose a location on Australia’s east coast for the reefy Nautilus to live. When finally constructed, the reef will not only be shaped like a Champion, but also have the name of every contributing player etched onto it.

Thanks, PC Gamer.