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League of Legends’ Samira gets a bunch of key nerfs next patch

"Samira work is focused on opening up some weakness and removing tools for her long term counterplay"

If you’ve been keeping an eye on those League of Legends patch 11.4 notes for the multiplayer game’s next update, you’ll have seen a batch of balance changes have been previewed, with some already on the PBE. The list of champions getting slapped with nerfs in the patch isn’t extensive – but there is a bunch of key changes for one of the MOBA game’s more recent additions.

Samira, the Desert Rose, joined League back in September 2020 and has since seen a handful of balance tweaks, as her patch history shows. In next week’s 11.4 update, however, the marksman champ will see changes across all five of her abilities, with gameplay design director Mark Yetter explaining on Twitter that the “Samira work is focused on opening up some weakness and removing tools for her long term counterplay”.

Samira’s getting a pretty significant nerf to her passive, Daredevil Impulse, based on what’s being tested on the PBE right now. Its attack damage is being dropped, with the current figure being 3.5% rather than the 7.5% it was previously.

Samira’s Q, Flair, is currently seeing two changes being tested, with the effectiveness of its Life Steal effect reduced a teeny bit (by 0.6%), while its attack damage ratio has been changed to a scale of between 80 and 110%, where it was a flat 100% before.

The League of Legends champion’s E, Wild Rush, is getting a tweak to how it works, with the ability no longer being useable on allies, and her dash speed when using it has dropped a fair bit (from 2050 down to 1600). As for her W, Blade Whirl, and R, Inferno Trigger, the former is seeing 25% of its duration being knocked off (it’s currently dropped to 0.75 seconds down from one second), and the latter is getting a much slower cooldown (eight seconds up from three seconds).

As ever, it’s worth noting these exact changes are still a little up in the air (they are on the testing server, after all), but will reflect the direction Samira gameplay is headed with the next patch, so worth noting if you’re a Desert Rose main. The nerfs due to hit Kai’Sa, Skarner, Renekton, and Camille haven’t hit the PBE just yet, but you can keep checking back on our League of Legends patch 11.4 notes before the update goes live next week to see what’s going on.