League of Legends season 2023 start date revealed with Yummi nerf

The League of Legends season 2023 start date is almost upon us, as Riot Games reveals some of the patch notes for the MOBA's 13.1 update as it nerfs Yummi

League of Legends season 13 release date revealed with Yummi nerf: a blue cat in expensive dress sat on a book

Riot Games has revealed when you can expect the League of Legends season 2023 start date, alongside a look at the LoL 13.1 patch notes for the MOBA as well. It’s all happening soon, including the long-promised nerf to Yummi with further changes coming to the champion down the road, and some more general nerfs and buffs too.

This comes from League of Legends game designer Ezra ‘Phlox’ Lynn, who stepped in this week to provide an update as lead designer Matt ‘Phroxzon’ Leung-Harrison is away.

“For champions we’re still mostly looking at soloq outliers as we head toward season start (tenth). We’re also buffing up a number of underpowered items and adjusting Jak’Sho to make it less valuable on fighters,” Lynn says.

That’s right, this means League of Legends season 13 is starting on January 10, with Lynn also providing a patch update for 13.1 at the same time.

“We’re also looking into doing some changes to sustain in the fighter system that’ll be coming in the next few patches, though details for that aren’t yet fully hashed out so more info will come later,” Lynn adds. “The larger Yuumi changes are still in the works but we’re nerfing her this patch since she remains very highly banned.”

So, there are some fighting system changes coming after the start of League of Legends season 13, with Yummi undergoing nerfs now to try and keep her balanced going forward. This follows a League of Legends Yummi rework being announced by Riot Games late last year, as there has been a distinct lack of counterplay due to her W making her invincible.

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