League of Legends’ Seraphine is getting changes to “shift her primary position to Mid”

The pop star from Piltover is in for some post-launch follow-up tweaks next week

As is often the case when a brand-new League of Legends Champion is unleashed on live servers for the first time, the MOBA game’s latest addition is getting some follow-up changes in the next patch. Seraphine, the Starry-Eyed Songstress, arrived with the now-live LoL patch 10.22, but is in for a batch of tweaks in LoL patch 10.23 “to shift her primary position to Mid”.

Lead gameplay designer Mark Yetter has announced the incoming adjustments on Twitter, explaining that her first outing on live servers has made it clear her skills lie a little too much towards a support role. “First patch is showing us that Seraphine has been skewed towards Support more than intended,” Yetter says, “so we’re adding adjustments to 10.23 to shift her primary position to Mid. Support is quite good right now, so these shouldn’t remove the position, just bring it to a reasonable state.”

The changes detailed are aimed at Seraphine’s mana regeneration, Passive (Stage Presence), Q (High Note), and E (Beat Drop).

First up, the Champion’s base MP5 has dropped from ten to eight, while her Passive’s note ratio has shifted from a flat 7.5% AP to a scale of 6/7/8/9%, according to your level. As for Sera’s Q, the damage it deals has been buffed in a similar way, with added boosts to the pop star from Piltover’s ability AP ratios and damage at higher levels.

Beat Drop, on the other hand, sees two key changes: its base damage dealt has seen a drop overall, reducing Seraphine’s prowess in a support role, while she now doesn’t deal reduced damage to minions – she’ll slap them with a solid 100% bonus damage regardless going forward.

“Mid Sera, who will be higher level throughout the game, will have better access to scaling damage via the Passive and Q changes, and can now use E more comfortably for waveclear when needed,” the dev adds. “Support Sera won’t be able to hit those same levels or damage numbers, but will still be able to lean on E-max to provide consistent CC for her team.”

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Given Riot Games said it was aiming to adjust the way it did Champion releases and follow-up buffs, nerfs, and changes earlier this year, hopefully this is part of the studio’s “faster/stronger followup” post-launch, with updates bundled together, and we won’t see Seraphine back one the PBE for much more adjustment following patch 10.23.