Riot promises refunds after League’s Shadow Isles Cup technical issues

Players hoping to take part in the last day of League of Legends' Shadow Isles Cup Clash tournament were met with a myriad of issues, and Riot have responded

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For most of us mere mortals, Clash is the closest we’re ever going to get to a truly competitive arena in League of Legends. The game mode comes around periodically, asking for a pre-made team of five players to compete in a knockout-style bracket, with everyone involved getting some form of prize depending on where their team finished.

Gaining entry to the tournament requires each player to submit a ticket, purchasable with either RP or blue essence. Due to the premium nature of Clash, it’s understandable that when things go awry, the contestants get more than a little annoyed.

Following a slew of issues during the July 14 iteration of The Shadow Isles Cup, players were quick to list their grievances on Reddit. The original poster complains about their team not being able to access the Clash tab in the League client, being stuck on ‘match starting soon’ for an extended period of time, and the scouting phase for the second round not showing any information at all. 

These issues were echoed by a host of other players. Nobody competing in North America appeared to be without issue, with one user claiming that their team had won the overall tournament but hadn’t received any kind of reward.

Riot executive producer, Brightmoon, tweeted out an acknowledgment of the technical issues: “I know some of you had issues with Clash yesterday – we are looking at addressing the root cause and will provide Clash refunds for those impacted.”

Players will have another chance to test themselves in Clash on August 6th with the Zaun Cup. Here’s hoping that things run a lot smoother next time