SKT demolish RNG with perfect game for League of Legends MSI comeback

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Reigning League of Legends World Champions SKT T1 progress to the Mid-Season Invitational finals after closing out a 3-1 victory over RNG with a flawless game.

Did you know that MSI is a testing ground for hosting League of Legends Worlds in China?

The South Korean champions had been suffering through the group stages and were set to face a tough opponent in home favourites Royal Never Give Up of China.

After losing the first game, in which RNG’s prodigy of the top lane Jang “Looper” Hyeong-Seok took an off-meta Trundle and dominated with a solo first blood, SKT slowly cracked their Chinese opponents.

Despite suffering a crushing defeat, as Looper’s ultra-tanky Trundle simply waded through a desperately defending SKT team to punch the Nexus until it exploded, the next three games saw the Koreans take the initiative.

As RNG are famed for an ultra-aggressive approach, taking over the early game through fast rotations and teleports, SKT simply did the same in return – but better.

Their methodical approach to denying RNG’s fast aggression resulted in a final game with no losses on the SKT side; no deaths, no turrets lost, no dragons harmed by any hands than their own.

SKT will now face the winner of tomorrow’s semi-final match between Americans Counter Logic Gaming and Taiwanese team Flash Wolves for the MSI title on Sunday.