How much have I spent on League of Legends?

If you've ever wondered 'How much have I spent on League of Legends over the years?' then there's actually a way to see, you just might not like the answer.

League of Legends Spent: Four characters preparing food in a tavern

Ever ask yourselfHow much have I spent on League of Legends?”? Riot Games’ hugely successful MOBA is technically a free game, but if you ask any avid fan if that’s the case, you’ll no doubt receive a wry laugh in response. The champion pool is diverse and wonderful; each character can be purchased with currency earned while playing. The premium cosmetics, however, are bought with real-world money.

These League of Legends skins and other cosmetics can be purchased directly using an in-game currency called RP. This itself, though, must be purchased with your own hard-earned cash. LoL skins change the base look of the character you’re playing, with premium cosmetics adding completely new effects, voice lines, and animations. There’s also a battle pass that can be bought using RP which rewards you the more you play, so may seem like the most efficient way to spend your money. So, while League of Legends is technically one of the best free PC games right now, you can see just how easily it can sway you into parting with your money. This guide will give you the information needed to find out exactly how much you’ve spent in League of Legends.

How much have I spent on League of Legends?

To find out how much money you’ve spent on League over the years, follow these steps:

  • Go to the dedicated Riot support page
  • Log in using the red button
  • Click on the ‘Show me the money’ icon
  • Enjoy! …or be horrified

It’s worth noting that this only shows the money spent in your current region and may not reflect the money deposited outside your current shard.

That’s all you need to find out how much money you’ve spent in League of Legends. Whether you’re new to League or you haven’t played in a while, you may want to check out our best League of Legends champions for beginners guide, or get up to speed on the latest balancing changes by checking out our preview of the League of Legends 13.12 patch notes – you don’t want to get caught out picking a newly nerfed champ.