League of Legends Star Guardian Kai’Sa skin has adorable easter egg

Much to the surprise of Porter Robinson, the singer of League of Legends' Star Guardian theme song, Everything Goes On, Kai'Sa's new skin pays tribute to him

league of legends lo, star guardian kai'sa in everything goes on music video flies at screen

League of Legends‘ iconic Star Guardians are back, but this time they’re accompanied by a full-blown Spirit Blossom-style event and a soaring theme song by Porter Robinson. It turns out that there’s a reference to the singer subtly woven into Star Guardian Kai’sa’s emotes, and he had no idea.

2022 is the year of the Star Guardian, with some of League of Legends’ most famous faces being enlisted to fight the fearsome duo of Fiddlesticks and Evelynn.

Featuring a plethora of new skins and a Spirit Blossom-style story event that lets players live out the Star Guardian story like never before, the event is accompanied by an all-new theme tune by Porter Robinson entitled Everything Goes On.

The perfect soundtrack to frame the complex battle between good and evil, it turns out that the highly coveted Star Guardian Kai’Sa skin has a sneaky little easter egg that pays tribute to the singer – and he didn’t even know it would be there.

As part of Kai’Sa’s dance emote, players can hear a high-pitched voice echoing Robinson’s Everything Goes On vocals while she and her adorable companion groove away.  Surrounded by deep violet, swirling stars, the emote is the perfect way to incorporate the Star Guardian’s new anthem into the game.

In a July 18 Instagram story, Robinson reveals that “nobody told [him] that this little tribute would be added to the game. “Ohhhh my God, the little voice singing my vocal for Star Guardian Kai’Sa’s dance emote… I LOVE IT SO MUCH!”

Riot were quick to share this on their own story, letting players in on the secret and allowing them to celebrate this heart-warming moment together – doesn’t this feel like something right out of Star Guardian?

If you’re looking to dive into the new event and pick up this stunning new Kai’Sa skin, be sure to check out our full overview of the League of Legends Star Guardian event here. You can also make use of Porofessor to help make sure you’re winning games and stockpiling Mythic Essence to snag the all-new Presitge Star Guardian skin.