All League of Legends Star Guardian Taliyah skin money goes to charity

League of Legends' Star Guardian Taliyah skin is channelling the champion's charitable nature, as Riot have announced all proceeds will be going to charity

league of legends lol star guardian taliyah skin splash art proceeds charity

100% of the proceeds from the League of Legends Star Guardian Taliyah skin (which arrived in patch 12.13 for the Star Guardian summer event) will go to the Social Impact Fund, Riot Games’ charity that gives them an “easier, more scalable” way to make greater change globally. The fund is designed to promote equality in education, opportunity, and global citizenship.

Last year, Riot held its largest in-game fundraiser with the Sentinels of Light, a League of Legends event that saw players raise $5.8m for the fund. That was followed by 30 nonprofits each receiving a $10,000 grant. Valorant also held its first in-game fundraiser, raising $5.5m through purchases of a cosmetic bundle.

The Social Impact Fund has its primary focus on education but has also pivoted to areas of opportunity in the past two years. With $2m being raised to help out those who suffered under global restrictions in recent years, coupled with $5.4m being raised this year for those affected by the war in Ukraine, it’s becoming evident that Riot Games are committed to global change, one cosmetic at a time.

Today (July 29) Riot announced that any profits made from the new Taliyah Star Guardian skin will be directly contributing to the Social Impact Fund. The non-profit was awarded a Golden Halo Award for the 2020’s Dawnbringer Karma in-game fundraiser so it’s clear that events like this raise a lot of money. Players can feel better about themselves knowing they’re making a difference with their purchase – it also helps that they’ll be looking great at the same time.

The League of Legends Star Guardian Event runs until August 15th, giving you another 2 weeks of grinding to finish Another Sky, claim your rewards, and pick up any skins that catch your eye. Any Taliyah mains out there, or anyone who wants to donate to a good cause, make sure that her Star Guardian skin is top of your list – just don’t check how much you’ve spent on League of Legends afterwards.