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The League of Legends Summoner’s Cup has been unveiled

The League of Legends Summoner's Cup has been shown off in a video Riot Games released in collaboration with high-end jewelry makers Tiffany & Co.

The League of Legends Summoner's Cup has been unveiled: five league of legends champions stand in a line, showing off their newest EDG skins

The League of Legends Summoner’s cup has officially been unveiled by Riot Game, marking the beginning of a multi-year deal between the MOBA game and Tiffany & Co. who will design and create the trophy for the winning team each year at the Worlds tournament.

Winning Worlds is the highest honour you can achieve in League of Legends. Not only does it cement you as the best team on the planet. but the prizes that come with such a win are pretty snazzy. In recent times, the monetary gain from winning Worlds has been in the millions. You get a rather nice looking trophy to take home, and your team gets to release their own set of in-game champion skins.

The Summoner’s Cup for 2022 Worlds shows off a stripped-back design, looking almost futuristic with its smooth lines and clear silhouette. There are a few key features to this year’s cup that I think make all the difference. Firstly, it has five handles. This means that when the winning team finally gets the chance to lift the trophy, each member can actually grip a handle, rather than the sometimes-awkward moment when there just aren’t enough bits of a goblet to hold.

Atop each handle, there are inlays that show each team member’s role (jungle, support, etc.) so again, it leaves little guesswork as to who holds what.

The base of the cup, like most other prestigious sports trophies, has been etched with the past winners of Worlds, with the team name and each player taking up their space in League history.

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Worlds isn’t too far away now and it’s starting to get exciting; I’m sure that players will be more eager than ever to take home this lovely trophy after seeing it today. Even though the Tiffany collab might be the weirdest of 2022, they have definitely taken the time to research the event and look to be giving it the respect it deserves. It might be time to check out how much you’ve spent in League of Legends – if it works out more than this trophy cost, maybe it’s time to have a quiet word with yourself.

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