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League of Legends survey finds slayers to be the most toxic players

There are a ton of interesting insights into League of Legends in this user-created player survey

An unofficial League of Legends player survey suggests that by their own admission, players who main slayers are the most toxic group in the community. This is according to a survey of 3,784 respondents conducted by a player named Celianna, who published a detailed breakdown of their findings to the League subreddit.

There are a ton of interesting findings in the survey – although it should be noted that the respondents are probably not a representative sample of League of Legends players. Nonetheless, it’s a large sample of players, and the survey can at least tell us a bit about them.

As our sister site The Loadout notes, slayer players rank as the most toxic in League of Legends. Skirmishers and Assassins both are at the high end for Celianna’s ‘extremely toxic’ finding, and what’s interesting here is the methodology used to make the determination.

Instead of asking players which class they thought was the most toxic, Celianna asked players whether they had ever engaged in specific types of toxic behaviour. Each behaviour was assigned a score (using annoying pings was worth one point, while flaming someone with slurs was worth 35), and Celianna would add up the ‘yes’ responses on each completed survey to find a toxicity score for the player. ‘Extremely toxic’ players scored 86 or above out of a possible 174 points.

As you can read in the full results, Celianna found that Enchanters are the least toxic group among survey respondents, with half of them scoring 15 points or less. But Skirmisher and Assassin players self-reported behaviour that put more than half of both classes at 31 points or above, which Celianna categorized as ‘toxic’ and ‘extremely toxic.’

The survey asked additional questions about toxicity in League, and broke down some of that data by gender. Both men and women reported high levels of harassment and toxicity, with just 24% of female players and 19% of male players saying they had never experienced harassment. Slightly more men reported ‘general harassment’ (flaming, getting cursed) than did women (79% to 73%), but women overwhelmingly reported more sexualized harassment, such as propositions or other sexual remarks (32% of female respondents said they had experienced this, compared to just 3% of men). Five percent of the women who responded said they had been stalked outside the game, compared to 2% of men.

There’s plenty more info in the survey, which you can find over on imgur.