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Twitch adds a real-time stat tracking extension for League of Legends

The Live Tracker extension offers viewers a host of ways to see how streamers are playing

Twitch has a big partnership with Riot Games for League of Legends this week, and that includes a feature that’ll last well beyond the promotion: the Live Tracker extension. The add-on lets viewers track a wide array of stats for League of Legends streamers as they play, and will be available in a matter of days, on February 20.

For streamers who install the League of Legends tracker, viewers will be able to see their “scoreboard, summoner summary, build summary, and match history,” as the official site explains. Screens for the extension show much more granular detail, too. The extension has already been in closed beta for some time, but officially launches (with support for a variety of languages) this week.

The debut of the tracker precedes the launch of Clash on February 22 and coincides with the LoL Twitch Rivals event that’s already underway. Watching the Rivals streams will give you free tickets for entry into Clash over the weekend.

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