League of Legends’ Volibear rework release date – here comes the all-new Champion

Volibear's overhaul is nearly here!

April 24, 2020 Riot’s announced the Volibear rework is “coming next month”. Original story follows.

A year ago, Riot announced that reworks for Fiddlesticks and Volibear were coming to League of Legends. Now we’ve seen the Fiddlesticks rework, so it’s about time to see the MOBA‘s Volibear rework, too – at least in a teaser format. The new breakdown doesn’t provide much concrete detail on Volibear’s new abilities, but it does offer hints on what to expect.

“Volibear’s role sits somewhere between a Juggernaut and a Vanguard,” gameplay designer Nathan Lutz says in the dev blog, “allowing him to dive and disrupt teamfights while ramping up his own threat level over time.” The new Volibear will still be able to lock down a single target, and still has a targeted bite, “only this time it’s both his opener AND his finisher.”

Volibear’s still got his “ramping attack speed and chain lightning, only now it lasts for as long as he remains in combat.” Riot’s new E and R abilities give him “several new utility tools he’s never had before”, but we’re not going to find out what those abilities are just yet.

No specifics on the rework’s release date, but the new Volibear “isn’t too far away”, and “the time between this dev blog and Voli’s release will be shorter than it was for Fiddlesticks.”

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Much of the blog focuses on the aesthetics of the new champion, after the devs decided to move away from the Eldritch horror look they tried early on. That concept is still coming as a free Volibear skin to players who own the champ, or buy him during the launch patch, and the blog concludes with the tiniest, vaguest peak at what that skin might look like.