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Why "under the radar" League of Legends champion Sona needs nerfing

League of Legends

If you’re looking for a D&D point of comparison, blue-mopped Maven of the Strings, Sona, is the bard of League of Legends. Not only because she plucks at a magical zither, but because nobody’s quite sure of the best way to play her.

Nevertheless, she’s the subject of some upcoming nerfs in one of the best free games on PC. Riot explain that Sona is “actually really strong”.

Riot are looking to lower Sona’s sustain overall. In cases where a lot of damage has been taken on both teams, the developers reckon that Sona and her allies recover just a little faster than they should.

But their plans have caused confusion in the LoL community, where Sona is often viewed as already underpowered.

“Our feeling is that Sona's currently pretty under the radar power wise and is actually really strong at the moment,” explained Riot’s lead champion designer Andrei van Roon

The new tweaks shouldn’t be taken as indication than Riot’s recent Sona rework has failed, van Roon went on.

“Reworks are done to fix fundamental problems with how a champion plays,” he said. “Power by contrast is adjustable with simpler numbers changes, and isn’t inherently linked with how healthy for the game a champion is. 

“It’s possible to have a really unhealthy champion that has well balanced numbers or a very healthy champion with unbalanced numbers.”

Hmm! Do any of you lot play Sona, or find her to be a tricky customer in the lanes?

It's a good time to be playing the world's biggest PC game. Riot are now rewarding League of Legends players with influence points if they can keep up their good behaviour.

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Gnug315 avatarSoxekaj avatarTsunamiWombat avatar
TsunamiWombat Avatar
3 Years ago

Oh for fucks sake

Eat a donkey turd, Rito.

HEALING is not whats broken about her! STOP BEATING SUPPORTS!

Gnug315 Avatar
3 Years ago

I main Sona and do really well with her in Silver II with 54 total ranked wins (ie not that much LoL experience). Not sure how hot she'd be at higher levels, tho. Morg, Blitz, Thresh all feel very strong and do counter me when played well.

My final two items are usually offensive with Lich Bane and Rabadon, and I usually end up doing above average champion damage, teamwise, along with massive warding and healing, so I do see where Riot is coming from. Otoh she is quite limited in playstyle vs. solid comps after laning phase - she can't frontline even with a decent poker due to CC-kill risk, and her Ult is obviously totally hit or miss, where missing it will cost you games vs Katarina and others.

I don't mind her damage nerf much, given her healing is being buffed.

Soxekaj Avatar
3 Years ago

According to the red post, her healing is being nerfed (hitting sustain overall) and no comment on nerfing damage....