Divisive League of Legends Worlds song by Lil Nas X addressed by Riot

League of Legends Worlds featured a song by Lil Nas X which divided fans of the stalwart MOBA, but Riot Games is willing to offer an explanation

Divisive League of Legends Worlds song by Lil Nas X addressed by Riot: Lil Nas X as they appear in MOBA League of Legends by Riot Games

The League of Legends Worlds song by Lil Nas X divided fans of the beloved MOBA, who commented that the song failed to provide sufficient hype ahead of LoL’s biggest esports competition. Now, however, as we wait on a new LoL champion and the K’Sante release date, Riot Games has offered an explanation for the League of Legends World song, saying that it makes more sense and generates a lot more hype when viewed in the context of the entire Lil Nas X collaboration.

“This is a three-pronged partnership, with the song, the ceremony, and the skin,” explains Hanna Woo, global public relations lead for League of Legends, in an interview attended by PCGamesN. “We hope players understand the way we have folded Lil Nas X into our ecosystem, our products, and our ways that we do things for our players, and that overall, that is something they’re excited about.

“Inherently, it’s a very exciting moment for us, with him performing a song, and the skin memorialising him in game,” Woo continues. “It’s not about whether one can hype up the other, but hopefully that overall collaboration is something that players will be excited about once they get insight and get to see the skin and the performance alongside the song.”

After being named “president” of League of Legends, Lil Nas X will design his own champions skin and perform live at the Worlds finals on November 5. So, after we get the skin and see the live show, perhaps Star Walkn’, Nas X’s official LoL song, will be worth another go.

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