League of Legends’ Wukong gets nerfed two days after his rework

The Monkey King’s long-anticipated rework only arrived in live League of Legends a couple of days ago with LoL patch 10.6, but Riot’s already sent some hotfix nerfs his way. Following the extensive changes across all of Wukong’s abilities, the studio’s got his passive and W in its sights this round.

That’s according to lead LoL gameplay designer Mark Yetter on Twitter (see below), who outlines the changes, now live in the game as of this story. “We have a Wukong Hotfix coming to you this afternoon”, he says, adding: “He’s really fun now, but needs a slight nerf”. First up, Wukong’s passive (Stone Skin) has been changed so players will now be able to gain up to ten stacks, up from the ability’s previous eight – but the bonus amounts of health regen and armour that increase for five seconds per stack have been nerfed.

This is down to 50%, where it was previously 62.5% – quite a significant change considering the options Wukong has for stacking these bonuses up.

The mana cost of Wukong’s W ability, Warrior Trickster, has also been retuned. While not a straight up nerf, it means players at different levels now get different costs of between 80 to 40 rather than the base cost of 60. His W’s clone has also taken a hit, with its damage now down to 40-60 from its previous 50-70 damage.

Last up, Wukong’s stats have taken a slight nerf – his base health regen (HP5) has been knocked down to four from five.

However, it seems the Monkey King is overall faring well in the live game following his rework, with Yetter saying earlier this week: “A good first sign for the Wukong update in the early data is that his top and jungle power is up, and mid Wukong is actually slightly weaker than before. It’ll be great to see him back in those roles.”

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