Big changes coming to Orianna, Nunu, LeBlanc and Global Ultimates in next LoL patch


After spending a while making sure that the last patch worked properly, Riot are now gearing up for their 100th champion, Jayce, as well as making some pretty major changes to some of the existing champions. The whole thing is detailed in a video, below, but I’ve done the kind thing and written it all out in words for those of you terrified by moving images. They are scary, I agree.

The major changes are coming to Orianna, the oft-maligned support who’s either too confusing, esoteric, or creepy for most people to want to play her. Most of her abilities are getting a cooldown reduction, to make them more friendly to being chained, and while Command: Attack is getting a damage reduction, both Command: Protect and Command: Dissonance are getting buffs, in the form of a range increase for the former and a AP Ratio increase for the latter. Combined with the global cooldown reduction it’s looking like Orianna is getting a serious buff, which is more than welcome for one of the more interesting supports in the league.
Nunu is getting the next suite of buffs, making him a more effective jungler, specifically when it comes to counter jungling. Consume is getting a reduced cooldown and increased damage at lower ranks, while Visionary now needs less attacks to trigger. This should make him more viable as a jungle pick, and make him more of a nightmare to stumble upon while you’re doing jungling of your own. The bast.
Finally, LeBlanc is getting some buffs, because apparently being able to burst almost anyone in the game wasn’t powerful enough, and so Sigil of Silence gets increased projectile speed, Distortion has a reduced cooldown, and if she chains Distortion and her mimic, she gets to choose to jump back to either origin point. This is going to be fun.
The other major change is that Global Ultimates are getting an increased cooldown across the board, as they’re too much of a boon to the teams that have them in applying pressure to teams that don’t. It’s a pretty hefty change to be making, and it’ll be interesting to see if it works as intended, but it’s coming, so if you play Ezreal, Ashe, Draven, or Twisted Fate, you might want to start looking a little sad right about now.
The other thing coming with the patch is Jayce, but we don’t have much in the way of details on him just yet. I’ve heard he’s the size of a hundred champions, and has a penchant for marmalade. But that’s just rumour at this point.

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