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Champion Spotlight on League of Legends’ Rengar, “melee assassin, fighter, and jungler”


Last week when we got our first fleeting glimpse of Rengar, our Phill pointed out that “big dishevelled white lion creeping out in some grass” has jungler written all the way through it like a partially-concealed stick of rock. In Riot’s latest champion spotlight, they’ve defined him as a “melee assassin, fighter, and jungler”.

At Rengar’s very core is his unique Ferocity mechanic, which is used to buffer all of his abilities to “take down single foes or hold the front line”.

Ferocity builds up as Rengar uses his basic abilities in pursuit of one enemy or another. When the Ferocity bar is filled, Rengar’s next basic ability is made significantly stronger and the bar returns to zero.

Rengar’s unique item is the Bonetooth Necklace. The necklace grants bonus attack damage and stacks on resists, but loses stacks upon death. As Rengar hits certain stacks, he gains bonus abilities, including armour penetration and increased leap range.

His passive ability is Unseen Predator, activated when in the brush or stealthed, which sees him leap at his enemy for his next basic attack, immediately bringing him into melee range.

Elsewhere there’s Savagery, which temporarily grants him increased attack speed; combined with a full Ferocity bar, attack speed increases further, as does damage.Battle Roar damages all nearby enemies – if there are any in range, Rengar gains bonus armour and magic resist. Add a full Ferocity bar, and the Roar also tops up a percentage of the jungler’s health.

Bola Strike fires a projectile at an enemy, causing damage and slowing for a few seconds. Plus maximum Ferocity – and you’ll be noticing a pattern here – Bola Strike freezes the victim in place.Finally comes Thrill of the Hunt, which stealths Rengar, allowing him to move faster, quickly regenerate Ferocity, and see nearby champions regardless of fog of war.

See Riot’s spotlight video for blow-by-blow tactical advice: