The eye to avoid: Riot cast their champion spotlight over Vel’Koz

They may fight, but League of Legends is home to all sorts.

Say what you like about Vel’Koz, Eye of the Void: he’s a devoted scholar. A Void beast who considers knowledge the ultimate prize, he kills to learn – like you might devour a good book.

Woops: I said ‘ultimate’, and now you’re screaming for stats. I’ll hand over to Riot for a breakdown of this sphere’s abilities, and some tips on how to play him.

Vel’Koz’s single eye is long-sighted – that is, it excels at range. Plasma Fission and Void Rift will knock chunks from distant targets, while Tectonic Disruption is best exploited to keep encroaching enemies at bay.

Over repeated attacks, Vel’Koz analyses his enemies – and the lore manifests on the field as Deconstruction, which can be stacked to unleash “significant” true damage during longer fights.

Once you’re done reading your prey, you can fire off that ultimate: the Life Form Disintegration Ray, which indifferently vaporises everything it its path. Read our Josh’s Vel’Koz champion review for more on how to best use it.

Vel’Koz’s launch has been accompanied by a highly entertaining ARG campaign. But I can’t help but feel that the nature of LoL ties Riot’s hands when it comes to ambitious lore. In the lanes, this dreaded creature from beyond is balanced to be no better or worse than any of his contemporaries.

What do you lot reckon?

Thanks, Reign of Gaming.