Heroes of Newerth accounts hacked, passwords breached; “I guess I’ll do LoL next”, boasts hacker


S2 Games revealed that runner-up MOBA Heroes of Newerth was hacked early yesterday morning. The developers have reset all passwords, and strongly recommend players do the same for any and all accounts that might share details with HoN. What’s more, if you changed your password on Monday before 3pm EST / 8pm GMT, you’ll need to change it again as a precaution.

“Disregard any out-of-game sources of information at this time,” said S2 when the news broke. There’s one source we’re going to make an exception for, though. The hacker has conducted a Reddit AMA, and plans to hack HoN’s servers again on Christmas Day.

“I hacked HoN because there’s nothing as hilarious as seeing a bunch of fanboys of a game get enraged over the fact that their favourite game has been hacked,” the hacker explained. Ho, ho, ho.

“The vulnerability in their systems was just pathetic, I am surprised nobody else has hacked HoN before. And I still have a plenty of vulnerabilities left and will hack HoN again on the 25th of december (Merry fucking christmas s2).”

“I guess I’ll do LoL next as this was so funny,” he later added.

The hacker, reportedly a Belarus network security engineer, isn’t a Heroes of Newerth player. They claim that they hacked S2’s database on Friday. When the developers failed to acknowledge the hacker, however, they took over the accounts of high profile HoN streamers to “gain some attention”.

The hacker has since sold the hacked account details, but claims they “didn’t keep any of the money”.

“Whatever you say, I’m not the one who is vexed over their information getting compromised,” the hacker told one Redditor. “I am the one laughing, hence my life is better than yours.”

That’s hacking, then. Fuelled by a need for attention and, above all, a wonky sense of humour.