IPL6 comes to Las Vegas’ Cosmopolitan in March


I say ‘comes to’; really I mean ‘goes to’, out there in the desert. But while IPL may be far away from our UK bunker, the jarred heart of PCGamesN is marked ‘eSports’, and beats ever faster whenever one of us mentions the Sin City shindig.

Like its predecessor, IPL6 will feature tournaments in League of Legends, StarCraft 2 and ShootMania Storm. More titles will be announced in the coming weeks. The fur will begin flying on Thursday, March 28th with a special VIP-only viewing day, and won’t end until Sunday, March 31st.

General admission ticket holders will be able to watch the show unfold live from Friday to Sunday at the event. For the rest of January, tickets will be $15 per person for general admission and $250 (plus $50 IPL hoodie) for VIP. After that, general admission tickets will be upped to $30 in advance or $50 at the door, and VIP tickets will be $250 in advance or $300 at the door.

Fortunately, IGN plan to cover the entire event for free via at least six HD live streams.

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