Jayce, the 100th champion, coming with next patch, along with lots of lovely skins


Hammers are so in this season. You’ve got Thor, and then you’ve got all those sweaty builders that keep thinking it’s ok to start hammering at 7am before I’ve even had some tea. Some I like, some I don’t. Coming in the next patch, League of Legends’ new champion, Jayce, has a hammer. But it’s ok, because it turns into a giant gun.

Despite Riot only ‘teasing’ him with a brief paragraph talking about how he can attack from range or up close, there’s a complete breakdown of his abilities from the test server up on Youtube, done by State of the League. The idea is that he’s got a set of three abilities with the hammer, and then another three with the crossbow thing the hammer turns into, leaving him the option of switching things up on the fly, making for a very versatile hero. Or, if he’s not balanced properly, someone who’s a bit crap at both. Only time will tell.

Along with the new champion, LoL’s next patch is going to come with a whole slew of new skins, the in-game models of each you can see in this gallery. We’ve got Augmented Singed, a riff off Bane from Batman, pumping up the usually spindly chemical master into something much more tanky, Glacial Malphite, which is Malphite, but made of ice and stuff instead of rocks, and Infernal Alistar, which shoves some Chaos Knighty-looking armour on everyone’s favourite minotaur before painting him red. He looks a little bit angry.

Jayce himself will come in two flavours. The trenchcoated, renaissance man with the clean jaw and the gilded hammer, and the space marine looking Full Metal Jayce, who looks a bit more practical for battle. He might even give Pulsefire Ezreal a run for his money.

The patch should hit next week, all things permitting.

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