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League of Legends 4.7 weakens Feral Flame and teases Braum and his glorious moustache

League of Legends 4.7

It’s League of Legends patch day, chums. 4.7 is upon us, and with it comes the long list of changes, tweaks and fixes. Riot says it’s not a big one, but lots of scrolling suggests otherwise. 

4.7 is all about “high priority targets,” says Riot. Stuff that’s having a negative effect on the health of the game. Like high-damage junglers having more gold and XP in mid-game than solo laners who fought hard for their spoils.

In regards to the junglers problem, Riot’s reduced the power of Feral Flame so that it’s no longer a dominant strategy.

“While Feral Flare does deliver on its core goal of supporting carry junglers, it’s also doing it at the expense of potentially several other players on the map,” says Riot. “Because Feral Flare’s power is essentially tied to how long junglers can ignore their team, the optimal strategy has been to hide away for as long as possible before making a first appearance as the strongest champion on the map – even in comparison to solo laners who have to scrap out their gold against equally matched opponents. Long-term, we still like the concept of ‘carry’ style junglers, but we’re currently exploring ways to support them in a way that’s healthy for the game.”

Elsewhere in the update, champions Gragas and Kassadin have been tweaked, following up their reworks. Gragas has been buffed to make up for his recent nerf and Kassadin’s buff from the previous patch was too much, and more changes are being explored. Jarvan IV and Malphite have been tweaked as well. They’ve been buffed, to provide a more competitive edge in top lane.

Sadly, the patch doesn’t bring with it Braum. He’s due out before the next one, though. If you want to see what the moustachioed support is all about, check out Josh’s review.