League of Legends bans for Little Wraith players

League of Legends Riot Games

Three members of League of Legends eSports team Little Wraith have been banned from competitive play. The bans come in as developer Riot Games performs a cleanup of the Oceanic server.

Little Wraith only qualified for Intel Extreme Masters Singapore in November, their first tournament.

Riot’s Mirko Gozzo told Player Attack that “I can not go into much detail due to privacy reasons, but basically we regularly perform checks on our player behaviour and on this last check, a number of players – not only pro players – were found acting against our Summoner’s Code, and therefore were temporarily banned.”

Little Wraith weren’t the only team to be affected, Team Immunity and Nv were also hit with bans.

In fact, an as yet unnamed member of Nv was given the largest ban. They are unable to compete online or offline for six months.

Player Attack point out that the Oceanic server is managed unlike League of Legends’ other servers. It has an unmanned tribunal which players report cheating to. Once in a blue moon Riot act on these complaints in a sweep of bans, like we’ve just seen.