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League of Legends celebrates eSports with summoner icon sales


Riot are celebrating eSports with brand new permanent summoner icons for your favourite LCS teams. You can buy just the one if your allegiance is strong, or buy one of the three bundles on sale right now and get all of them. In the theme of eSports, 20% of the price goes directly to that relevant team, while the remaining 80% supports further eSports via prizes, salaries, events and streaming costs.

Each icon will cost you 250 RP, but there are bundles for those who want to buy in bulk. First you’ve got the EU and NA Summer Split icon bundles, each with teams from the respective regions. Each bundle costs 1600 RP. If you want all of the icons, you can buy the complete bundle for 3000 RP, saving you 25% of buying them individually.

These new icons will be shown on the loading screen before each match, so you can proudly display your support. They will be on sale until the end of the Summer Split, so go and represent your favourite teams before they’re gone.