League of Legends comes to the Mac, open beta begins today


The tremendously popular MOBA League of Legends is now available to play on the Macintosh, with the open beta taking signups right now. Developers Riot Games say that the Mac’s client is “fully native,” which quite literally means it blends in with the locals or, in other words, has the same features and service as the PC client. If you’re a Mac player, you’ll benefit from the same bug fixes, updates and additions as everyone else, and at the same time.

Click through for a download link and Riot’s, uh, announcement video. Score one point for each canny reference you catch.

Is the Mac the Apple of your eye? If so, the beta client can be downloaded here and if you’re trying the game for the first time, you might want to cast your eye over our League of Legends beginner’s guide.

Don’t forget that we have ongoing coverage of League of Legends Season 3, because we’re awesome like that.