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League of Legends gets a new mode for a week, making everyone a death-dealing god

League of Legends April Fools

The real tragedy of April Fools isn’t that countless tricked folk become pessimistic curmudgeons, unable to believe anything anyone says ever again. It’s that an inordinate amount of these gags are actually wonderful, and deserve to become real, tangible things. 

Riot, at least, has gone all-out this year. The Ultra Rapid Fire mode for League of Legends is a preview for a phony update, but for the next week, it will be a genuine playable mode. Mana and energy costs have been shown the door and cooldowns have been reduced by 80 percent, making matches absurd, chaotic fights between god-like champions.

Some champions have been impowered, marksmen are now murderous monsters and there are crit and speed buffs all over the place. It’s not fun and games for every champion though. To address balance issues, a slew of champions have simply been removed. Good riddance.

More of this and less fake press releases, please.

Cheers, RPS.