League of Legends Legacy skins coming out of retirement

LoL legacy skins

Retirement is all well and good if you’re a person. Buggering off to a warmer country to soak up the sun and laugh at all the mugs still working away to feed themselves sounds splendid, but what if you’re a League of Legends Legacy skin? There’s no retirement resort or pensions for costumes, lamentably. Your only hope is to wait for Riot to put you back up for sale as part of a special deal

Until the end of December, previously retired Legacy skins are back in the store, just waiting to be snatched up by aesthetically minded folk. During this month long period, each skin will get a 50 percent discount for a day and, if you’re quick enough, you can grab the lot (all 47 of them) for 60 percent off with the Mega Legacy Bundle, but today’s the last day.